Monday, July 6, 2009

English Conversation - AT A DOCTOR’S CLINIC

Vikram has had a bad fall. Mrs.Verma takes him to Emergency room of Private Clinic.

Mrs.Verma Can I see Doctors in the Emergency room? My son has hurt his knee.

Receptionist Do you have an appointment with Doctor, Madam?

Mrs.Verma No. But then I hadn’t expected my son to have a fall and hurt himself. I couldn’t have made a Medical appointment for an unexpected accident, could I have? But I must have the child’s wound treated urgently by a doctor.

Receptionist Don’t get excited, Madam. The doctor does attend to emergencies, though normally the doctor is so busy that he can only see patients who have made prior appointments.

Mrs.Verma Then what shall I do? Shall I go to another hospital?Do yo have a list if Doctors

Receptionist Please wait here, Madam. I’ll fit you in between the appointments. In the mean while, please fill in this form. Is the child’s knee bleeding?

Mrs.Verma No. The bleeding has stopped.

Receptionist Please wait in the waiting room and I’ll

Call you the moment the doctor is free.

Mrs.Verma and Vikram join the group of people sitting in the waiting room. Dr.Raman comes to the door.

Dr.Raman Mrs.Verma?

Mrs.Verma Yes. That’s me. Good morning, Dr.Raman

Dr. Raman I understand your son has had a fall and has nasty bruise. Come along young man. I’ll have a look at you.

An elderly lady gets up and hurries forward towards the doctor.

Lady Oh Dr.Raman, you can’t see him first. It is my turn. I’ve made an appointment.

Dr.Raman Hello, Mrs.Sonu, I know it is your turn, but this child needs immediate attention. I’ll see you right after I’ve dressed the child’s knee.

Dr.Raman It won’t be long, Mrs.Sonu. Please excuse me for a few minutes. Mrs, Verma, please bring your son into the treatment room.

All three of them go into the treatment room.

Dr.Raman (Examining the wound). This is a nasty

Cut, but not too serious. There is nothing to worry about. I’ll clean it, put some tincture iodine on it and bandage it lightly.

Vikram Oh! That hurts.

Dr.Raman You are a brave boy. I’ll give you an injection to ward off any infection. There you are. That is a good boy.

Mrs.Verma Will he be all right doctor? Aren’t you going to give any medicines?

Dr.Raman There is no need for any medicines. He’ll, be all right. The knee will be all right. The knee will be a bit stiff for a few days. In case gets fever or the pain is too severe, give him one of these tablets?

Mrs.Verma After how many hours do I give him one of these tablets?

Dr.Raman Don’t give him a tablet unless he feels very uncomfortable with pain. Give the tablet if he gets fever. Then come and see me again in the morning. These tablets are only a precaution.

Mrs.Verma Do you think he’ll get fever, doctor?

Dr.Raman No. Don’t worry. I think he’ll be all right. But in case he does get a temperature, then come back to me again. Well, young man, be careful the next time you get off a bus.

Mrs.Verma Where do I pay your consultation fees and for the medicines AT A DOCTOR’S CLINIC?

Dr.Raman At the reception counter, Madam. Goodbye.

Mrs.Verma Thank you very much, doctor.

Vikram Thanks, Doctor Raman

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