Wednesday, July 15, 2009

English Conversation - At Marketing Office

A scene in Ranjan’s marketing office. Ranjan works in the marketing department. He has the Office Key. His colleagues in the Marketing department are Prema and Niren sen. Mr. Prasad and Mr.Kuldip singh are Office staff members. Mr.Chatterji is the marketing manager. He is the Office Incharge of companies office.

Ranjan (Entering the office) Good morning Prema and a fine morning to you Niren.

Prema Hello Ranjan. How are you to-day?

Niren Good morning Ranjan. Did you finish the dealer survey of electric goods dealers yesterday?

Ranjan Yes.I interviewed for survey ,ten no. twelve electric goods dealers in the chandni chowk area, to find out the comparative sales figures of various brands of electric bulbs. How about you? Did you finish covering the south Delhi market

Niren Yes. I’ve got the survey questionnaires all filled out.

Prema Then perhaps both of you can give me your survey reports, so that I can compile a management reports on your findings.

Ranjan I have to have my management reports typed.

(Ringing the telephone-is that Mr.kuldip singh?

Mr.Prasad No, Mr.Verma. This is Prasad, Good morning Sir.

Ranjan Where is Mr.Kuldip singh?

Mr.Prasad He hasn’t come in yet, Sir. Can I do anything for You, Mr.Verma?

Ranjan No. But please tell Mr.Kuldip singh to see me as soon as he comes in, Right?

Mr.Prasad Yes. Mr.Verma (Ranjan rings off).

Is Kuldip singh late to office?

It isn’t like him to be late. He used to be one of our most conscientious workers but he seems to be taking a bit easy now-a-days.

Prema Well. I hope he isn’t ill or anything like that. There is loads of work to be done to-day. Mr.Chatterji has called all three of us for a staff meeting of marketing department in his office at 4o’clock this afternoon to discuss this market survey report.

Ranjan I think I’ll have to tighten up the office discipline among the staff.

The door opens. Mr. Kuldip singh enters in with some office papers in his hand.

Kuldip Singh I ‘m terribly sorry. I’am late for the meeting of staff ,Sir. I do apologize.

Ranjan What happened to you, Mr.Kuldip Singh?

You’ve been late to work thrice this week.

Kuldip Singh I missed my bus Sir.

Prema you have a lot of work about customer satisfaction survey to do today.

Niren Have, you typed out the letters about survey management, I gave you yesterday?

Kuldip Singh Yes, Mr.Niren, here are the papers of meeting agenda also..

Niren Thank you (reading the typed letter). Who typed these letter?

Kuldip singh Mr. Prasad did. Aren’t they done properly?

Niren Please send Mr.Prasad to me when you go back to companies office.

Mr.Prasad enters the executive’s office.

Mr.Prasad You sent for me Sir?

Niren About these letters that you typed yesterday, the typing is all right but I’d appreciate if you would use a dictionary to check on the correct spellings of words.

Mr.Prasad I’m sorry Sir. I’ll recheck the spellings and retype the letters on office computer.

Niren I’ve corrected the spellings, this time. But do be careful in future, will you Mr. Prasad?

Mr. Prasad Yes Sir, I’ll be careful.

Mr.Prasad leaves the marketing office room.

Prema One has to have a particular skill in getting work done in marketing office these days.

Ranjan The secret is to be polite yet firm with the junior office staff. Unfortunately if one is too friendly with the staff they tend to take it as a sign of weakness.

Prema Oh, but there is no call to be pity with the staff.

Niren There is no cause to act superior if the companies office staff do their work conscientiously. Nevertheless some authority has to be maintained. Though one does not have to be a slave driver nor need one wreck the nerves of the staff members with scoldings.

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