Wednesday, July 8, 2009

English Conversation - THE TELEPHONE

English Conversation


Telephone Operator Rama’s store. Good morning.

Caller Is that Rama’s store.

Operator Yes. Whom do you want to speak to?

Caller May I speak to Miss Sudesh?

Operator In which department does Miss Sudesh work.

Caller In general sales

Operator Right, I’ll connect your Telephone to general sales

Operator (Receiving a call from the marketing section of Rama’s stores) yes sir.

Manager Please get me Mr. Raman for Travel India

Operator Do you know the Telephone number sir?

Marketing Manager No. Please look up the telephone directory.

Operator I’ll do that. I’ll call you back later.

There is another outside call.

Operator Rama’s store. Good morning.

Caller What is your telephone number please?

Operator I am speaking from 445689

Caller Is it 454589?

Operator No. Sir. You have the wrong Telephone number

Caller Sorry. But you are sure that you are not speaking from Ayurvedic Drugs?

Operator I am sure Sir

The operator now calls up Mr. Raman at Travel India. She dials the number 619434.

Travel India 619434

Operator from Rama’s store Is that Travel India?

Travel India Yes.

Operator from Rama’s store May I speak to Mr. Raman. Mr.Kukreti from Rama’s store would like to speak to him.

Travel India Just a minute please.

Operator from Rama’s Store (Ringing Mr.Kukreti) Your call to Mr. Raman of Travel India, Sir.

Travel India (Ringing the internal telephone of Mr. Raman) Sir; there is a call from Mr.Kukreti of Rama’s store for you.

Mr. Raman All right. Please put him on. (Click on the phone) Hello

Mr.Kukreti Hello Mr. Raman Kukreti from Rama’s store. How are you?

Mr. Raman well, thank you. What can I do for you Mr.Kukreti?

Mr.Kukreti I want an air ticket to Bangalore Mr. Raman. I was wondering whether you could handle this for me?

Mr. Raman When do you want to travel?

Mr.Kukreti On Friday, 23rd by the evening flight if that is possible.

Mr. Raman Right. I’ll check on that. Should I send the ticket over to your office?

Mr.Kukreti Yes, that will be nice. Incidentally, please bill the cost of the ticket to Rama’s store.

Mr. Raman I’ll do that. Thank you. Good bye.

The telephone board has two outside lines. A salesgirl is used to making long personal outside calls.

Salesgirl (Tapping tha phone) please get me 351476.

Operator Whose number is that, Madam?

Salesgirl Friend, don’t be so stickly. This is a personal call

Operator I’ll put it through, but don’t take too long over it. Here is your number ringing now.

Salesgirl Hello? Please call Sujata from upstairs.

There is a long wait.

Sujata Hello. Is that Bela?

Bela Yes. How was the evening?

Sujata All right.

Bela Then?

Sujata Then what? I’ll tell you about it when we meet in the evening. What are you doing?

Bela Nothing much. What else is the news?

Sujata Nothing come on think of something. I’m getting so bored sitting at home.

Operator (Interrupting the conversation). Please try to finish. I have lots of official telephone calls to make.

Bela All right. Tell me about the movie you saw day before yesterday?

Sujata I’ didn’t enjoy it at all.

Bela Why?

Sujata My mother was in a bad mood because one of the potatoes turned out to be rotten?

Bela What have potatoes got to do with the movie?

Sujata Nothing. But my mother was in bad mood over the potatoes.

Operator Please finish. I am disconnecting now.

An outside call comes in.

Operator Good morning, Rama’s store

Caller What is the matter with your telephone I’ve been calling your number for the last half an hour and it has been engaged all the time!

Operator Sorry Sir. The number may have been busy. May I help you, Sir?

Caller Well, hurry up and get me Mr.Kukreti.

Operator I’m sorry sir, he has just gone out.

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