Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mr.Verma has gone on tour to Lucknow. He checks in at the Chitra Hotel.

Hotel Receptionist Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?

Hotel Reception

Mr.Verma Good afternoon. Can I get a room in the Hotel please?

Receptionist Have you made a Advance booking, Sir?

Mr.Verma I’m afraid I haven’t done any room reservation. I tried to do hotel online booking. I believe that hotel reservation software was not working then

Receptionist What kind of a room do you want, Sir? A double

room or a single room?

Mr.Verma A single room, please.

Receptionist Let me see. (Looking at the register). We are fully booked up at this time of the year. No, we haven’t a single room available, sir.

Mr.Verma But please do try to help me out. I wouldn’t know where else to stay.

Receptionist would you like to see the hotel Manager, Sir? He just might have some rooms reserved for emergencies.

Mr.Verma Thank you. Can you direct me to the Hotel Manager, Please.

Receptionist I’ll trace him for you in the hotel. Just a moment, Sir.(Talking into the phone). Please get me the Hotel Manager. He might be in booking office or he might have gone on a round of the hotel. It he is not in the booking office, try the Indian Restaurant. Thank you.

Mr.Verma In the mean while, can someone get my baggage out of the taxi?

Receptionist Why not. Of course. (Tapping a bell for the porter. To the porter.) Please get the gentleman’s bags out of the taxi. (To Mr.Verma) please do sit down. I’ll speak to the Manager of the Hotel about a room for you, Sir.

Mr.Verma What is the room tariff in this hotel.

Receptionist We charge Rs.1000 a day for a single room Sir.(The telephone rings.). Yes, I want to speak to the Hotel Manager. I am speaking from Hotel Reception. Good afternoon. Sir. I have a small problem. There is a guest here who has just arrived from Delhi. He wants a single room and we haven’t any single rooms vacant. Is there some way of helping him out, Sir?

Hotel Manager Just a moment. I’ll come down myself.

Mr.Verma (Approaching the hotel reception desk again). Could you get me a single room?

Receptionist The Hotel Manager is coming down here and then we’ll see what can be done. Don’t worry, Sir. We’ll try our best to help you out.

Manager Good morning, Sir. I am the Hotel Manager. What is the problem?

Receptionist The gentleman here has no reservation in the hotel reservation system but requires a single room. All the rooms are booked up.

Hotel Manager (Looking at the register). How long do you want to stay in the hotel, Sir?

Mr.Verma I want to stay in the hotel just for one night. I’m catching the afternoon train tomorrow.

Manager All right. I think we can accommodate you. Miss prashar, give the gentleman one of the room booked for the German group.They have Hotel Reservation for four days. Their plane has been delayed and they will now be coming in tomorrow by lunch time. Will that be all right, Sir?

Mr.Verma Thank you very much.

Manager You are welcome.

Receptionist Here you sir, Sir. I am giving you a single room near the conference room on the second floor. Will you please fill in your name and address in the Hotel registration book please Thank you.

Mr.Verma Does the room rent include meals also?

Receptionist No, Sir. Meals are charged separately. Here is your Hotel room key. We’ve put you in room 206. The porter will take your bags up to your room. Is there anything else you would like, Sir?

Mr.Verma No. Thank you very much.

Receptionist It is a pleasure, Sir.

Porter This way, Sir.

Mr.Verma Oh yes, forgot to mention. Can I get tea at 5o’clock tomorrow morning?

Receptionist Certainly Sir. We’ll call you at 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, with tea. If you want to eat your meals in the hotel Restaurant , you can either call Room Service, or come down to eat in one of the Hotel restaurants.

Mr.Verma Thank you again.


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