Monday, June 29, 2009

English Conversation -- About Family

Learn english conversation - About Family

Vikram, a young boy about ten years old, is standing near the gate of his
house at B- 12, Mahesh Nagar. Another boy Ranjit comes along on his bicycle
and smiles at Vikram.

Vikram: Hello. I am Vikram.

Ranjit: I am Ranjit Mehra. How do you do?

Vikram: I am well, thank you.

Ranjit: Are you new here?

Vikram: Yes, our family moved in here only a few days ago, where do you liv

Ranjit: I live with my family in the next block, down the road.

Vikram: Ranjit, would you like to come in and meet my family members ?

Ranjit: Thank you. I would like to meet your family

The two boys go inside the family house. Mr Vijay Verma is watching the family video

Vikram: Papa, this is my friend, Ranjit Mehra.

Ranjit, this is my father, Mr. Vijay Verma.

Ranjit: Good morning, Sir.

Mr. Verma: Good morning to you too. We are glad to have you at our family house.

Vikram: Meet my mother, my sister Reena didi and my elder brother Ranjan
bhaiya. (all are watching the family video)

Ranjit: Pleased to meet your happy family Vikram.

Vikram: Come along Ranjit, I’ll take you to my room.

Ranjit: You have a nice big room.

Vikram: I am glad you have liked it. I share this room with my elder

brother Ranjan.

Ranjit: Which is your bed?

Vikram: This one. I make my bed every morning. This is a spare cupboard where
we store the extra bedsheets, pillow covers ,blankets and quilts etc. for the family needs.

Ranjit: That must be your brother’s wardrobe.

Vikram: Yes. I have to be very careful about keeping my room tidy. I study at the

desk Near the window

Ranjit: I, too, share my room but with my grandfather in the family.

Vikram: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Ranjit: I do not have any brother or sister.

But my grandparents live with us .

Vikram: How many rooms do you have in your house?

Ranjit: Well, we have drawing-cum-dining-room, two

Two bathrooms, a small sized study room, a kitchen and a garden.

Vikram: That sounds like a big house. Do you have a garden as well?

Ranjit: Yes. My mother grows beautiful flowers around the edge of the lawn.

Vikram: Ranjit, it is time for breakfast. Will you eat with My family ?

Ranjit: No. thank you. I must be going now. My mother will be wondering as to

what has become of me.

Vikram: All right. May I come to your house in the afternoon to play in your

Ranjit: Yes, please do come. My parents will be very happy to meet you.You can watch the ,

Vikram: Thank you for visiting us,It was family fun

Ranjit. You must come again,

Ranjit: Good-bye Vikram. I’ll be waiting for you in the afternoon.

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